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RGB Push-Button Module

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    Ever run out of pins on your (Arduino) project?

    When connecting various buttons and LEDs, pins on your Arduino run out quickly. This module provides a solution, you can hook this board up to your Arduino with just one-wire. Want to add a second board? Simply hook it up to the first, like Christmas lights. You will only use one wire for all the LEDs! 

    The 2-pin connector, on the side, connects to a high quality APEM switch. This switch has a pressure resistance of 6.5 N, which makes this buttons ideal for racing, especially when wearing gloves because you will actually feel it when you press the button. 

    The module is designed for easy use, it comes pre-soldered with the connectors separate, so you can decide if you want to use them, or simply solder wires to save space! On the top and bottom of the board there is a jumper (marked JP1 and JP2) this can be used to configure to switch with a pull-up (already on the board!) and connect one end to ground. 

    In short, this module will save you a lot of time when building your own sim equipment. You can have a APEM 6.5 N switch with RGB-backlight, which is unique. Wiring is easy, especially with the included Molex cables. A frosted white button cap (12 mm) is also included.


    • Compactible with Arduino, STM and other microcontrollers
    • Easy to use
    • Comes pre-soldered, only need to connect it to your Arduino
    • 4 RGB LEDs per button
    • Easy to mount with m2 size holes.
    • High quality 6.5N MEC/APEM 5GTH935 push button with frosted cap
    • Connectors to be soldered yourself, so you can choose to use them or solder wires.

    Packaging Content

    • 1x Pre-soldered RGB button module
    • 1x 2.54mm 2pin male Molex connector (to solder yourself)
    • 1x 2.54mm 2pin female Molex cable (10cm wire)
    • 2x 2.54mm 3pin male Molex connector (to solder yourself)
    • 1x 2.54mm 3pin female Molex cable (10cm wire)
    • 1x 2.54mm 3pin female to female Molex cable (10cm wire)