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Elma Rotary module

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Elma Rotary Module

Introducing the Elma Rotary Encoder, a reliable and rugged solution for your DIY projects. Elma, renowned for their expertise in rotary switches, brings you a high-quality encoder that guarantees exceptional performance.


  • Brand: Elma E18-VA0-1D0-M72T rotary encoder
  • Panel and Shaft Sealing: All Elma rotary switches come standard with panel and shaft sealing up to IP68, ensuring protection against dust and water.
  • Shaft Material: The shaft of these switches is crafted from durable stainless brass or stainless steel, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Plated Electronic Contacts: To guarantee years of undisturbed functionality and service life, all electronic contacts are plated and provided with hard gold.

Packaging Content

  • Elma Rotary Encoder: The E18-VA0-1D0-M72T rotary encoder, known for its precision and durability.
  • SimRep Engineering PCB: A high-quality printed circuit board that allows for seamless integration with the encoder.


  • 3-pin Molex Connector (Male): Simplify the installation process by adding the optional male Molex connector, which can be soldered onto the PCB.
  • 3-pin Molex Connector (Female) with Wire: For added convenience, consider including the optional female Molex connector with wire, providing easy connectivity to your project.

With the Elma E18-VA0-1D0-M72T Rotary Encoder and SimRep Engineering PCB, you can confidently create and enhance your DIY projects. Experience the reliability and functionality of Elma's rotary switches, backed by their commitment to quality.

Upgrade your projects today and unlock the potential of precise rotary control. Order now and elevate your DIY endeavors to new heights!