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MEC/APEM 6.5N pushbutton + cap

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MEC/APEM 5GTH935 push button with cap

The APEM 5G series is probably one of the best types of push buttons out there. These momentary switches can handle over 10 million presses. They have an actuation force of 6.5 N, which makes them ideal for racing with gloves without the loss of feeling. 

The switch is delivered with a APEM button cap, these caps can be clicked to the switch. There are two caps, black, which is non see through. Or frosted white, which is also non see through, but light will get through! This cap can be used to illuminate the cap, to give your project a unique look.



Packaging Content

  • 1x (or chosen amount) 6.5 N MEC/APEM switch - 5GTH935 Through hole
  • 1x (or chosen amount) 15mm Cap 1GCS Frosted or black (Option)